I am the only one!?....

Today when I went to gymnastic I was the only begginer.There was three advanse student because I was the only begginer that teacher's said we should combin me to the advanse.At advanse they did stuff I didn't do before.It was fun.


シャークと言う名前のゲーム Game named Shark


Today at school my freinds and I played a game the we made up.It is called sharck.This is how you play.On one side the is some slide,monkey bars and stairs.Whoever is it can not go up the stairs or whatever you climb on.Whoever is not it needs to go across before 1 min.Who ever did not go across is it other wise the it person can tag a person who is not it.


バレボール Volley ball

Today I went to gymnastic.We did a lot of things.I can't remember.After gymnastic my dad picked me up.We went to my mom place the gym.My mom was playing Volley Ball.Even Jean went.My mom and Jean goes to japaness team.Today's team is different.Jean called her freinds if they want to play.even some from my dads team.


ドラッグきん止 No to drugs

おやすみ >o<
Today at school we had an assemberly.It was about drugs.There were fire trucks and fire fighter. The Captian said ",When you grow up don't do drugs"and that is what he said.


赤い顔 Red face

今日はゆいの顔が赤い。ゆさはねつだと思う。ゆいがねつがあるんだらゆいはいっぱい歩かない。でもいっぱい鼻水がでてる。*_* あとでママとお買い物行ってハロウィーンの物を買います。
Today Yui's face got red.Everyone knows Yui right.NO YES.Yui is the little baby.I thought she had fever.I f she had fever she will not be running in the house,she even have running nose.Later on my mom and I will go shopping for Halloween.


さかたち handstand

今日は体そうを行く前にさかたちを練習した。みんなさかたちしってる?しってるよね。。しらないかな。。~ さかたちは手を下に付いて力いっぱい下をキックする。みんなできる??。。。
Before I go to gymanstic I pratice doing the handstand.Do you or do you not...?Never mind.This is how you do it put your hand on the ground and kick of the ground. Can you do it??..


12345 12345

Today we had an Assembely at the auditorium.Is like about juggoilng.There teachers and they said a game and it is called chicken soup.When they picked the kids i got to be picked.I was 1 and there is 2,3,4,5.Here is the game I get a ball.2 and 3 holds net 4 hold holla hoop 5 hold bucked.I throw the ball.The net catch.Then 2 and 3 is going to count to three and tries to get the ball from the net to the bucked.If the ball go somewhere else 4 has to move together.


体そう gymnastic

九月二十五日に体そうを始めた最小に日にはゆさのルームメートとママがきました。ルームメートはジーンです。みんなジーンおぼいている。>0<? 先生は五人います。でもその日は一人先生がいました。二つクラスがあります。ひとつのクラスはベガナでも一つはアダバンスです。ゆさの先生の名前はキムです。最小の日は手が何かつかまえてジャンプします。そのあとにそく転と前転をやいました。     

       On September 25 I started Gymnastics.There is 5 teachers.My teachers name was Mrs.Kim. There is two calsses on beiginner and the other advanced. I went with mom and Jean.Did U forget Jean!!!!! She is my roommate.On the first day we did some kind of jumping.We put our hands on something and jump on to something.Next we did cartwheel and forth roll.