Today was the last day of the school.Today was really short day.It was until 7:30-10:00. Regether days are 7:30-12:00.I gusse is because is the last day of the school.After I came back from school I did my homework.Then went to piano pratice.After that my Grandpa and I went to buy milk.BYE BYE!TIME FOR ME TO SLEEP!GGOOOODD NNIIGGHHT!!


Toady at school we had an performence.I did the piano the name of the music is M0ney Can't Buy Anything!Is a little tuoph for me.But I fine.Not so bad you know.The second performece was singing I was not in it just five.Then the 3 one is a act it was about a bunny racing a turle then the bunny said"Oh the turtle is slow so I'm goig to take a nap.While he took a nap the turtle
got in frount of the bunnt and won!Then the fourth performece is about a violen my cousin San Yu was the violen girl I don't know what song she did.Then the fifth was singing.GGOOOODD NNIIGGHHTT!!


Today I had Piano pratice.My teacher's name is Ms.Lora thats is her engliss name I don't know her Taiwaness name.Then at night we went shoppig with my cousin San Yu and her dad and me.We went there because tomorrow is the last day of school.My cousin San Yu bought two bags of chips and I bought just one back of chips.Is time for me to sleep.GGOOOODD NNIIGGHHTT!!


Today was suspose to be long day but it was not long day.I didn't know why?Strange!Can some one tell me please I wanted to know because I wanted to write it down on the diary.Well when I came back from school there was an deid fish in the fish tank.Those fish my cousin and I fish got it from the small river there is all lot!Of small fish's.My cousins name is San Yu I have mensin her many times.Ok then time for me to sleep.GGOOOODD NNIIGGHHTT!!


Today when I came back from school I did my Japaness homework Reading and writing the Japaness creters.5 times each.Then I went to Piano pratice with my cousin San Yu.I don't have much to say today.GGGOOOODD NNIIGGHHTT!!
Yesterday I went to my dad younger brother wife Mom house.The house looked really old some were crused down like if there was an war!That place was scray!Wooooo!Then my head started to hurt so I told my dad younger brother wife that my head hurts.I told my grandma that my head hurts and she gave me an medicine.Is the kind that I don't like.Is hard not the powder one.And so I ate it then took a nap.I woke up I didn't hurt.Yay!Bye !!


Today is Sarurday.I went to Piano pratice at Taiwan with my cousin San Yu my cousin.The books my teacher bought is a little hard but... is ookk!Bye Bye time TO SLEEP!


Today Is Friday.I went to school.My teacher gave me an asiment about a book.One Questren said what person do you like I said"The girl Because she is funny looking".The last two was what sentece do you like?I said" The flower is bigger then the Peaple.that is not acturly true.The second one is The flower is bigger then the Trees!I hope is not!Good night!
On Thusday it was day of.That day we went to the mountain walk agian.This time we started at the end.We went all away to the Start.My grandpa waited for us in the car.I wish we can go as much as we can on the mountain walk so I can sweet and lose weight.


Today was long day it is though 7:30 am-4:00pm.Regelur days is 7:30-12:00.Yesterday night I went to sleep but not enough beacuse on Monday my cousin Cren hsren He didn;t sleep at all!!!?
After I came back from school I did my Japaness homework then went to Piano pratice with my cousin San Yu.Bye Bye .Gooooood Night!


Today I went to school .Taiwan school.I alomost fell asleep because yesterday My little cousin boy Named Cren Hsren He won't sleep He stayed up for the whole night!I'm sleepy really sleepy.I have two baby cousins one Yu shren and the other Cren Hsren.Baby boys are really really thouh.Thats what my mom said.


Today June 17 Saturday I went to the moutains walking up up up .I went there with my Grampa,Grandma,my cousins San yu and yi ru.We only went half a way I wanted to go more but went back.Since i went to Taiwan I lost so far I think I lost 5 pounes. YYaaaaaay!Good Night eveyone.
Yesterday June 16 Friday,I was going to my cousins room Then I hit my Pinky toe on the Coach of the living room.The wood part.That day My cousins and I went fising by the river.Just small fish.


On the eleventh I was really bored really like One thousend bored!My cousins went out for the whole dayBut i read some books some were boring and some funny.Then ay night My grampa went to shop Iwent to.It was for Breakfast.It was good yyuummmmyy.yummy in my tummy.Most peaple say that.

A trip to Taiwan

On Saturday I helped my dads big brother named Zong Ren.I helped him by stapuling The stuff for climing mountains.Is like a methou for the rope.My Cusin Yi ru helped to. I'm The biggest Cousins the oldest.The second one is San re Then comes Yi ru then Shen run then Chren hsren then Ru shren.This is Japaness Taiwan ni ka i ta ra nihonngoni ka ki ma su.
On friday I am at the airplane stiil Boring! Really Really RRRRReally boring.I wacth some movie but still bored!!!!!!Bye bye!
This is Japaness.ni ho nn go de ka ke na i.Go me nn na sa i


ゆさの代わりにママが書くゆさの日記/Mom writing yusa's diary


Yusa left house at 10:30 at night, and flied to Taiwan last night. She uses Malasia AirLine this time.
She wa
tched King kong, Aladdin and Fire wall(??) in the air plain.
Her grandma picked her up at the Bus Station after she arrived to Taiwan, Taichung. It's raining there and hot!, she said.


デズニランド Disney Land


Today at school we had Computer Lab every Tuesday.In the computer lab we did about our planets.I finised mine already.At school we had a writing test in the writing test we had to write about A trip with your Famliy.I wrote about a time I went to Disney land with my mom,dad Yui my sister and me.

ローング ベース Long Base

昨日は学校でゆさの大すきな体育をやれました。ロング ベースをしました。楽しかった。
Yesterday at school we played my favorite PE game.It was fun!My team has lost!
But it is ok. They got 4 we got 0.We can play next time!


てにす Tennis


Today my mom,dad,my new room mate Jean I think I mensine her before and my sister Yui and me went to tennis.I swweeeett aa lloott!!!!!!!!!!!!


いい点  Goog grade


Today at Chiness school we had to review our final test .My report was all A but one B.My teacher said I'm going to next grade.Yay Hoory!!!!

ママ何で行かないの?Why are you not going mom?

Yesterday my mom is suspose to have valla ball pratice but instead she didn't go because today she had a game.Olso yesterday my dad had an game but his team lost.


ネイテイブアメリカン Native American

Today at school we went to computer lab becuse last week my class went to the Southwest museum to see Native American.At computer lab we made a book about Native Americans.