Weird crab

Today I went to a surfing contest.I was one of the one that got to sit really close to the surfers.I went with my mom,my sister Yui and my mom's friend Taeko.I went to the surface of the beach where their were a lots of rocks.Then my mom came with my sister.Taeko and I looked tons of
things like crab,fish and even a shrimp!Taeko found this weird looking crab.It had a shell on top of the body.Whenever they get scared the crab would go back inside the shell.I found a littlest shrimp scampering around the rocks.I took it and put it with the crabs.I thought that the crabs would eat but it didn't.I found a shell that is white and had straight lines from bottom to top.


1 2 3

今日は1,2,3のひ見たいです。先生がずっと1,2,3って言うの。うるさいろ!外も行ったり中にも1,2、3 がどこでもでる。                                        http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/NY-123.svg/750px-NY-123.svg.png


今日はすごく変な日です。 なぜだと思うでしょう? バードラックの日です。今日はさっかのボールにあったた。足にすごくあたれた。明日もそゆふになるかな? どうしよう~~~~ 血も出たしさ~ へんだよ。も~~なぜ~。