Today My Grandma came back

Today my grandma came back home the Hospital. My cousin,Uncles,Aunties were relieved that my grandma was fine.When my grandma was sleeping the other day she fall down the bed. I was sleeping with her. It was a good thing that I was sleeping with her because if I didn't I don't know what would have happend with her.As soon as possible we sent her to the Hospital.That doctor said "Shes fine. It happends sometime when she takes this kind of medicine."


A long day of work

Today around 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm I was doing work for my uncle.It was a ton.I felt like my hand was going to die!!The work was to clean a cut of the fruits branch's by scissors.We cut of the branch then look for and bruises or cuts on the fruits. I just did all the work with not much rest, but I did had some entertaiment.My cousin Rita she has a lot of jokes every minute I always hear some jokes to make everyone laugh.The joke that most people that made people laugh at was about a ball and me.A few days ago my cousin asked if I want to play ball and I said what kind of game and she just said play ball and I said what game and she said play ball and I said what GAME and she said vegetable ball because the ball was green.HA HA

Seems like two days

Today Seems like two days.At around six'oclock AM in the morning I woke up. Then I changed my clothes and went downstairs.From six to six fourty I came back from the hiking trip witch I do almost every morning. Then I ate breakfast. Next I did the dishes and swiped the blacktop.All that took me an hour. Then I walk with my grandma with my cousin.It was lunch time. After lunch I took a nap.My uncle came to me and said"You better change clothes and gave the me some work to do.



Today I was the teacher for my cousins.Their mom my wanted me to teach them how to learn English. We did for about 30 minutes.Today was thier first English class.They were good.I didn't think they knew the ABC's but they did.They even memorize the whole Alaphbat from A~Z.Wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~