Right now i am in Taiwan. It's really hot!! Cant stand it! Every second you sweat and sweat and sweat!!! Anyways. I have 6 cousins here. I am oldest out of all my cousin here in Taiwan. It gets loud when you play with the three youngest cousin in the family. Annoying!


24 hours!

I'm going to Japan in less than 24 hours!! I can't wait!! I'm gong to leave around 11. Guess what?? I arrive at Japan on the 25 even tough I leave on the 25. It takes 13-14 hours to get there! Its soooooooooo far!!! But it's worth it!

今から二十四時間の間には日本に出発します。 楽しみです!! もう待てないぐらいです。 飛行機からは十三ー十四時間かかります! 


Happy Birthday Celina!

今日はパパとママの親友の誕生日です。 パパはおいしそうなケーキを買いました。 ( 美味しいかどうかは分かりません ) はは チョコだといいな~ 


Next week Monday I get to go to japan to go to school, and visit my grandparents. It's going to be a fantastic summer vacation for me!! I don't go to Japan as much because it's really far... I can't wait!!!

来週の月曜日日本に遊びに行きます。 楽しみです。 私の妹をいろんな所に連れてっていきます。 一番行きたいところはプールです。大きいすべりだいあるプールに行きたいです! 家の近くにはあるのかな?



Today I'm going out to eat with an old friend of my dad's. His name is Nelson. He used to work where my dad used to work. I think right now Nelson is traveling and every once in a while he comes to the US to visit. I think the last time he came in the US was last year



I am going to buy a gift card from Yogurt land to show appreciation to the head drum major of our school. Our head drum major of our school gives one hour of their time after school Monday and Wednesday. This is why all drum major candidate are giving them a gift.

二千九年から二千十年までのカプテーんドラムメイじゃは学校から卒業します。 それで来年のドラムメイじゃを決めます。 結果は明日までには知りません。私はドラムメイじになりたいけど無理だと思います。 くやしいな