Strict and nice

Today I went to Chinees school from 9:00 to 12:00.3 hours.My teachers name is Mei Xiang.She is strict and nice at the same time.She wants us to right neatly and correctly.She let us out for breaks Five mintuse early then usually.


My freind

Today I am going to see my friend that I haven't seen for a long time.Her name is Courtney.We have been freinds for like 5 years and 6 month.I meet her when I was in First grade and she was in kindergarden.Right now I am in Six grade and she is in 5 grade.
Best Friends Forever!


Clean up!

Today I cleaned my own room. It took me one day and few hours. And finally I'm finished! Yay! I vacum,wiped,throw out unnesseccery stuff. Boy, there was a lot to do.Right now my room looks great.Even then the last time I cleaned my room. I could just stare at it the whole time.Stare Stare stare