Light  Festival

I woke up. Found many presents. Me and my sister opened them up. I received a kit, a mouse balloon, game ( mancala ), clothes and etc. My little sister received Princessy stuff. I gave my mom a purse my dad a jacket.Merry Christmas!!
クリスマス です。 いろんなプレゼントをもらいました。 お昼ごはんが終った後 Dmbv の電気大会を見に行きました。


Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

People of the Miri's village were chosen to have the future princess. All girls between the ages of 12~17 were eligible to attend Princess Academy.At the Princess Academy girls are to be trained by Olana, so when the day comes for the Grand Ball, Prince Steffan will dance with each and one of the girl to pick his future bride. Olana was a very strict teacher. Since the girls couldn't stand her no more the girls ran back to the village. ( The academy is place in the mountain of the village which is about 20 minutes away from the village.) After a week or so the girls decided to give Olana a second chance but Olana would need to make a pact with them. The pact was to let the girls go back to the village every weekend, stop putting the girls in the rat closet for punishment, and during bed time they were allowed to talk to each-other. Olana agreeded to the pact. After weeks of training to possibly becoming the future princess the Grand ball has come. There was a test before a week of the Grand Ball. Who ever had passes the were to become the princess of Princess Academy. As a result Miri had be come the princess of Princess Academy. The Grand Ball has come and Prince Steffan has arrived. Miri was the first to dance with him and so did the other girls. After dance Prince Steffan was depressed. He left the academy but had left a note saying that he will return in three weeks. " But in three weeks snow will start to fall" said Esa "He haven't even picked a bride" said Kristen during bedtime. "Well we'd have to wait until next spring" said Olana. During the three weeks there were some problem the academy was attacked by buglers. All girls and Olana were held as captive. They went without food for days. Thats when Miri decided to use her special gift. She used all her might to contact Peder her best friends. She waited all day to gt an answer but no answer has been replied. Just before the last disappeared in the light Miri noticed from outside her window that there was the outside of many peoples body bobbing up and down. Finally, the villagers came for help.Villages Vs Buglers. Eventually the villager won. The reason why buglers came to attack the academy because the buglars knew that the academy held the next princess and they wanted to captive the princess in order to use it as a plot to get many from the rulers. But since none of the girls would spit out whos the princess all the girls decided that they were the princes future wife which made the buglers angry.
At last spring has come. Prince arrived to the academy. He bowed with everyone. Then when he came to Britta he smiled at her. He asked " Will you be my betrothed? " "I will" replied Britta. Why did the prince pick Britta? Britta knew the prince ever since they were little. But after her parents died Britta had to go to and village near the mountain. The prince was sad when he heard the Britta had went somewhere else. He has always wanted to marry Britta, because of that he looker for her everywhere. As the loving couple left the village Miri walked pack the village ( she was still at the academy). When Peder came up behind her and helped her carry her stuff. " I'm glad that the prince didn't pick you Miri, Because i want to be with you" said Peder. Miri turned red. And they lived happily ever after.


I went to the movie theaters with my friend Ngozi for my birthday. We watched the princess and the frog. It was really funny but then a little sad at the end. After the movie's we went shopping around the plaza.

I went to the dentist. The dentist said I can take of my braces next month!!! Yay!!


My school had a band concert at Cerritos Park East. We played 6 songs in front if at least 600 people.

行進バンドのパレードがあるつんもりだけど雨がいぱいやんできたから行進パレードがつつけられませんでした。それで学校に帰りました。学校から帰えて来た後行進の服から基がいました。それでお昼ご飯でMcDonald に食べに行きました。
We had a Whittier Parade.(school band) We could not march in the parade because of the rain that was pouring down really hard. Afterwards we went back to the school and changed out of out band uniforms and went to McDonalds to have lunch.