教科書 Textbook


Today is Tuesday.I don't have to go to school because it is winter break. During winter break I have study to my Japan textbook. Language arts and Math. For Language arts I read a story by Miyazawa Kenngi. For math I learned new weird looking




My sister and I were sleeping like angels then....... my little sister had suddenly waken up and laugh and said"Are we going shopping? If we are we have to buy chese." (My sister is a big fan of chese.)


Without school it is very boring

Without school it is very boring. You may think that if there was school it would be boring but still without school it is vey boring to Moi (which means me)If there wasn't school we wouldn't have so much friends. There won't be anyone you can call.THINK ABOUT IT


Lime Juice

Today I made an expermient on Lime Juice.It tasted great!The ingeredients are one lime,two cups of water,and two tea spoon of surger for taste.With just those three ingeredients it makes Lime Juice. Hope you enjoy it.


Strict and nice

Today I went to Chinees school from 9:00 to 12:00.3 hours.My teachers name is Mei Xiang.She is strict and nice at the same time.She wants us to right neatly and correctly.She let us out for breaks Five mintuse early then usually.


My freind

Today I am going to see my friend that I haven't seen for a long time.Her name is Courtney.We have been freinds for like 5 years and 6 month.I meet her when I was in First grade and she was in kindergarden.Right now I am in Six grade and she is in 5 grade.
Best Friends Forever!


Clean up!

Today I cleaned my own room. It took me one day and few hours. And finally I'm finished! Yay! I vacum,wiped,throw out unnesseccery stuff. Boy, there was a lot to do.Right now my room looks great.Even then the last time I cleaned my room. I could just stare at it the whole time.Stare Stare stare


Today My Grandma came back

Today my grandma came back home the Hospital. My cousin,Uncles,Aunties were relieved that my grandma was fine.When my grandma was sleeping the other day she fall down the bed. I was sleeping with her. It was a good thing that I was sleeping with her because if I didn't I don't know what would have happend with her.As soon as possible we sent her to the Hospital.That doctor said "Shes fine. It happends sometime when she takes this kind of medicine."


A long day of work

Today around 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm I was doing work for my uncle.It was a ton.I felt like my hand was going to die!!The work was to clean a cut of the fruits branch's by scissors.We cut of the branch then look for and bruises or cuts on the fruits. I just did all the work with not much rest, but I did had some entertaiment.My cousin Rita she has a lot of jokes every minute I always hear some jokes to make everyone laugh.The joke that most people that made people laugh at was about a ball and me.A few days ago my cousin asked if I want to play ball and I said what kind of game and she just said play ball and I said what game and she said play ball and I said what GAME and she said vegetable ball because the ball was green.HA HA

Seems like two days

Today Seems like two days.At around six'oclock AM in the morning I woke up. Then I changed my clothes and went downstairs.From six to six fourty I came back from the hiking trip witch I do almost every morning. Then I ate breakfast. Next I did the dishes and swiped the blacktop.All that took me an hour. Then I walk with my grandma with my cousin.It was lunch time. After lunch I took a nap.My uncle came to me and said"You better change clothes and gave the me some work to do.



Today I was the teacher for my cousins.Their mom my wanted me to teach them how to learn English. We did for about 30 minutes.Today was thier first English class.They were good.I didn't think they knew the ABC's but they did.They even memorize the whole Alaphbat from A~Z.Wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~


日本に来て一週間になりました A week after I came into Japan


  Hi right now is my summer vacation in America.What do I mean by that?Will...Right now I am in Japan.Japan is great!A month by now I will be in Taiwan.As you can see I am Japaness and Taiwaness.I am useing all of my summer vacation in Japan and Taiwan.
  Today I went to ASURETIKKU park because my grandma asked me where do you want to go and I said I want to go to ASURETIKKU park and to my Grandgrandma`s place.Tommorrow I am going to go to my Grangrandma`s place.



While I was in the car today my dad announces that he has a Softball
Tournament and I was surprised at that because earlier I told him that I 'm going to have a concert with my band. I kept on saying stuff that I didn't get my dad to answer because he saids his Softball Tournament is going to be on next Saturday and I wanted to go too.But since I was panicing and not allowing my dad to talk I think He yelled MY TOURNAMENT IS MARCH 3 NOT MARCH 10 BECAUSE YOU SAID YOUR CONCERT IS ON MARCH 10!!!!!






A different vertion of Crossfire

Toady when I had P.E we played Crossfire.One of my favorite games to play when I started Palms.The difference between the game that I usually is that I can hit the Nerd ball at people.Since todays was different I had to throw the ball to a cone to get points for my team which is pretty hard because there was only one cone to hit.When I throw the ball I can't pass the middle line if do I'll be out.....
There were other way to get out.If the other team throws the ball and I try to catch and then drop it I'm out.Even if I'm not looking to the person who throw the ball and misses the cone and I get hit by it is an O-U-T!







Yui Birthday ゆいの誕生日

Today is my sister's birhtday.She just turned 3.My family celibrate her birthday at Huntitons Beach town center,at a reaturaunt called The Cheese Cake Factory.Yui had a great time so did my family and I.Look down here she's three I'm telling you.
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Bunk Bed   にだんベット

Today I got a new Bunk Bed,which is pretty small.Is a full bed but,from the first Bunk Bed to the second Bunk Bed is only few inch's.About 20 inch's.I don't know...Want to know why?...Well...The California Laws said "that a Bunk Bed can only be about this hight to this hight."Well I wasn't that impress with the hight at all but,at less the upper bunk was Ooooooookkkaay.


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yay! I can get in again   やった!!!

Today I tried to get inside my diary lately but,I couldn't get in so I couldn't write in.I am sorry.But I am happy that could get in .
See you next time bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

今日はやっとDIARYに入られた。この前もその前もDIARY に入ろうととしたけど入らなかった。ごめんね