Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going over to my friends house today to have a Thanksgiving party!


Adam Canfield of the Slash

Adam Canfield has been the star reporter for Harris/Middle school newspaper the Slash.His friend Jennifer talks into him to being the coediter.He was ordered to write an article from Principal Marris. Marris had asked him to write about how Miss Minnie Bloch left money to Harris Middle School to be able use as general improvements.Marris had told Adam that he HAD to put the words general improvements onto the article. Which was weird because the way that Marris kept repeating "general improvements over and over and over again.So Adam and Jennifer decided to dig a little dipper into the story that Marris had given.



Yesterday I went to one of my best freinds birthday party.It was an sleep over party.My friend had turn 10 years old.We played a lot of games.We slept around 12:30.I slept in the middle of my friends and i got kicked at a lot.I didnt get so much sleep



Today is my best friens birthday!!! Happy Birthday Courtney!!! My present to her is toy that can nail polis pretty.










Today is Veterns Day. No school for me.In three days I will a competion marching band reviwew at LaPalma.I can't wait!At the LaPalma band review there is a carnival which we wilil be going to as well.


Among the Hidden (summary)

Luke was one of the shadow children.His entire life was lonely one.He never had a birthday party, he never went over to friends house, he never had a single friend till.. one day.
He see's a girls face in the window next door. Luke very well knew that the next door neighbor did not have a girl living in it except the Mom. He knew that there were two boys and a dad and mom living in that house.Reason why he knew that because he keeps track of the people living in the house near him.Why does he do that?? Luke has nothing to do all day but sleep,eat and read all day.There were 7 houses around Luke's house.In all he counted that there were only 28 in his neighborhood.each house that Luke kept track had a nick name.The house the he thinks there is the girl is called the Sport family.
Lukes parents had broken the law that they cannot have two or more children. Luke is the third child.That is why he no friends never been outside and etc.
Luke really wanted to met another shadow children but his parents strictly said not to be seen by anyone.Even tough his parents warned hims Luke was still determined to met that shadow child.
He planned his route to the Sport family.Luke haven't decided which day he will go to the sports family. The day came two weeks after he planned his route to the Sport family.
After Luke had checked that everyone in the neighborhood was gone.(his family too) He disobeyed his parents order and ran across the lawn to the Sports family.He planned to go inside the house by the backyard slide door. To his luck the back yard slide was not open. He was frustrated.He jiggled the door.It ripped.Luke slipped into the house.
"Wow" he thought."The sports family house must be really rich!" Luke hears an beep beep beep.He followed the noise.There he saw a box attached to the wall with colorful color blinking.As he went beyond he saw a girl sitting in front of the computer.
The girl turns around.She came pounding on Luke."who are you?" she says